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Flux A.D. - Transatlanticthoughts
Label: Other Label Not Listed
Release: 2002

Letters from Japan
Feels Like Rain
Record Spins
Optic Nerve
Sea of Sound
Fear of Heights
Tell All Your Secrets
Dead End

Transatlanticthoughts - Flux A.D.

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With their 2nd full-length album, Transatlanticthoughts, indie rock band Flux a.d. has honed a sound that we only saw a glimmer of on past releases. The album demonstrates Flux's versatility as a band; from haunting pop-rock melodies on songs like "Feels Like Rain" to the beautifully orchestrated piece of electronica, "Optic Nerve." Though Flux has delved in electronica before, fans of the band will be pleasantly surprised with "Optic Nerve", which is sounds nothing like anything they ever produced before. Another highlight of the album is the bittersweet pop ballad, "Afterglow." In addition to the regular crew complement, this song features Sarah Harmer on harmony vocals, as well as Erin Aurich on violin and Alex McMaster on cello. The inclusion of a strings section on the song gives it a needed emotional texture. In contrast to "Afterglow", there are songs like "Sea of Sound." Aptly titled for it's utilization of a 'wall of sound', the song can only be described as an energizing rock anthem. There is also "Snapshot", the lead off single off the new album. During the intro, you can hear the influence of Van Halen, while the solo seems reminiscent of Bends-era Radiohead. Despite some influences bleeding through, it's still a great rock song, which would probably make an impact on the Much Music charts if the video were put into high rotation. Then there is the lead out track, "Dead End". Though the track starts off low key with a blend of piano, violin, flute, guitar, drums, and vocals, it evolves at the half waypoint into something quite different from where it started. The song turns into an instrumental,progressive rock style epic, with the addition atmospheric fuzz guitars. Weighing in at 7 minutes and 27 seconds, it's a very ambitious track, which Flux pulls off.

Flux a.d. continues to transcend genre labels with this release. And though the musical changes may seem turbulent at first, this is one transatlantic journey you won't want to miss.

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