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Blur - Think Tank
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2003

Out of Time
Crazy Beat
Good Song
On the Way to the Club
Brothers and Sisters
We've Got a File on You
Moroccan People's Revolutionary Bowls Club
Sweet Song
Gene by Gene
Battery in Your Leg
Data Track

Think Tank - Blur
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In theory, Think Tank should be a good album. It shows that the band isn't afraid to expirement and push the boundaries of Brit-pop, something that worked well for them on their 1997 self-titled release.

This time, however, the stylistic changes just don't work as well. The dance beats and rhythms that permeate the record just aren't Blur, making the album their worst.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Here is a great album. There are only two songs with i could care less for: Good Song and Sweet Song(they are just rather dull).

For this album, Blur lost their lead guitarist, and it shows. Although there is still a good amount of guitar work, a lot is substituted with synthe sounds, but it is done largly tastfully.

A lot of Damon's word music love comes out in this album as well. Many songs feature what i think of as world oriented music(MPRBC,B+S,Jets,and OoT).

Sadly, this album also seems like the only time we will ever hear this side of Blur.

Most Noteworthy Tracks:
*Out of Time
*Brothers and Sisters
*We've got a file on You (a song that you either love or hate)
*Gene by Gene
*Battery in Your Leg

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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