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Garbage - Garbage
Label: Almo Sounds
Release: 1995

Only Happy When It Rains
As Heaven Is Wide
Not My Idea
A Stroke Of Luck
Stupid Girl
Dog New Tricks
My Lover's Box
Fix Me Now

Garbage - Garbage
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This is the debut of one of post-grunge's most impressive acts; Garbage. Here the whole world is introduced to Shirley Manson as a singer. Originally when Garbage was recorded, it was supposed to be just a project, but quickly gained popularity and became a band. This is an impressive debut with impressive singles such as "Only Happy When it Rains" "Vow" and "Stupid Girl" and the first one to hit airwaves "Queer". After heavy MTV exposure and then opening up for the Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage seemed on a snowballing pathway to absolute stardom. Most bands don't deserve it, but Garbage has deserved every good review they've gotten. They obviously put a lot of time and thought into their music, but not so much that it just sounds automatic. This self-titled debut stood out in a crowd of sameness and blandness that was music at the time. Most bands take a few albums to actually get a "sound" but Garbage managed to do this in one album. After 10 years of making albums, they are still very impressive.

Stupid Girl
Only Happy When it Rains
Fix Me Now

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