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Pearl Jam - Ten
Label: Sony
Release: 1991

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Ten - Pearl Jam
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intersting fact: this album sold more copies than nevermind by nirvana. coincidence?

very good album. the fact that pearl jam adam ant lee refused to release another album that sounded like this is a testament to them, although this is a great sound. solid songs, great playing, good production, singing, lyrics etc. what more do you want?

okay, the extended dance remix of porch.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Many bands put out albums and become forgettable, this could have very well happened to Pearl Jam when they released their debut "ten". Thankfully because of an upheavel in the commercialism and widespreadedness of grunge at the time of it's release, this didn't happen. With any band being labled as "grunge" that played in Seattle at the time, maybe labeling was the best thing for Pearl Jam. How else would we have gotten such a great album to be so mass produced and adored by all. The album, in my opinion, has only one song that makes it less than perfect. "Oceans" is a good song, but very humdrum and a little too ordinary and sleepy to be put on this album. This can be forgiven because the other songs make up for what "Oceans" lacks.

It's been over a decade and probably well over 100 listens of the whole album, and I still never get tired of it. Definately worth the money, if you don't own this album, and you're a fan of good music in general, you should go buy it now. This CD never gets old and has the potential to go down in history as a masterpiece of early 90's rock!

10 gets a 9!

Highlights - Jeremy, Garden, Porch
Drawbacks - Oceans

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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