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Radiohead - Pablo Honey
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1993

How Do You Do?
Stop Whispering
Thinking About You
Anyone Can Play Guitar
Prove Yourself
I Can't
Blow Out
Creep (Acoustic Version)

Pablo Honey - Radiohead
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Average Blamo User Rating: (22 votes)

pablo crappy is more like it... so derivative it's painful. sure, the band has some originality in the whole "wow three guitars" thing, but not much.

the band pretty much disowns this album, and so should you, except for a few choice songs. like creep, and anyone can play guitar. oh, and ripchord. those are great songs.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Sure, it's not as good as their later records.... but it's a good start.

Songs like "Vegetable", "Prove Yourself", and "Stop Whispering" make this album a keeper. Sure, it has a poor song or two. And "Creep" is a bit overplayed, but it's a good debut album by a great band.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Yeah, Pablo Honey Radiohead breakthrough album and such IM A CREAP BLACK TEARZ. You is a really great song and Creep still pack a punch after 11 years of being over played. The rest is pretty good post grungey stuff, its not bad, buy it for You.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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