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James Iha - Let It Come Down
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 1998

Be Strong Now
Sound Of Love
See The Sun
Country Girl
Lover, Lover
Silver String
One And Two
No One's Gonna Hurt You

Let It Come Down - James Iha
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Let it come down was a commercial flop. I don't think James Iha released this album to intentionally start a grand solo artist career, I think he just released it because he was proud of the music he made and wanted to share it, which is always the best way to release an album. Let is come down is a paradox of terms from the pumpkins' music. The songs were simple, uncomplicated and to the point. James Iha certainly knew what he was doing, and this album was a direct result from having a wall of amplifiers and chunky distortion blaring behind you every night of your life. James wanted to just make simple, innocent, somewhat naive songs, and he did just that. With off key vocals at times and uber-pop jingle-like riffs, "Let it Come Down" isn't a perfect album. But it's as good as it could have gotten for James at the time.

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