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Zwan - Honestly
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 2003

Number Of The Beast
Freedom Aint What It Used To Be

Honestly - Zwan
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The first single released from Zwan. I remember downloading a concert of theirs, from 2001 and having "Freedom Ain't What It Used To Be" and "Number Of The Beast" and loving "Freedom" and not really liking "Number." When I saw the tracklist for the single, I was really excited about finally getting to hear a studio version of "Freedom." When I got it, though, I was disappointed. I expected much more of a rock song than they released, but somehow over time it grew on me. Now, I love both the songs, and am really happy I got the single. Matt Sweeney sings on "Number Of The Beast" (Iron Maiden) and as on "Freedom Ain't What It Used To Be," Linda Strawberry joins Zwan on piano. Remember her? She was one of the many guests The Smashing Pumpkins had at their final concert in late 2000. Overall, I'd rate "Honestly" as their second best single out of two, "Lyric" being the first. It's still worth buying without question and I am sure that you will all enjoy it.

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