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Faith No More - The Real Thing
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1989

From Out Of Nowhere
Falling To Pieces
Surprise! You're Dead!
Zombie Eaters
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
The Morning AFter
Woodpecker From Mars
War Pigs
Edge Of The World
The Real Thing - Faith No More
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The breakthrough for Mike Patton's "other" band. Seriously, I don't think Faith No More was ever a really big deal for the guy. They're a good band, but not really in the style Patton was obviously pushing for. His other stuff is, in my opinion. But what do I know?

Epic is on here and it was a hit. And for good reason. It's a GREAT song. Sure, It's got what James has called a "gay" chorus, but it's catchy, and the various parts of hte song shouldn't go together but they do.

i like the opening number, from out of nowhere a lot, it's a good fast way to begin the album. jim martin's guitar style is interesting i've heard it called "epic" and i wouldn't disagree. his playing sure sounds important throughout this album. or something...

falling to pieces and surprise you're dead are goofy little funk/rock/punk/metal somethign songs like only faith no more can do. what exactly is the genre these guy's do? i've never really heard anybody sound TOO much like them.

zombie eaters is probably my favorite track on the album. it starts with some nice accoustic picking (showing martin wasn't just a thrash guitarist) and features an interesting little guitar bass dueling section in the middle that i like. bill gould probably fancies himself a funk bassist cuz he slaps and snaps his bass quite often, but his playing is pretty solid throughout the whole album.

the title track is 8 minutes long, and features good playing by all members including (gay) keyboardist roddy (gay) bottom. it's okay that he's (gay) cuz he dated courtney love for awhile so you can understand why he'd avoid women. his tone styles can be cheesy sometimes, but he can play quite well.

underwater love is an interesting little ballad, and woodpecker from mars is a goofy instrumental with lots of bass popping and atmosphere keyboards. war pigs is a cover of hte classic sabbath track. edge of the world ends the album.

mike bordin lays down an almost tribal drum rhytmn through out the album, and all the musicians create quite a good album. onet hing drags it down, and it's strange to say this but that thing is mike patton. he is a huge improvement over their first singer, but through out the album he sings in the same tone, and it gets kind of annoying after awhile. later, he'd get better.

this album is FULL of really catchy tracks showing off how good of a band they really were. angel dust, mthe next album is way better sonic experience, but this album beats it for catchy tracks.

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