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Zwan - Lyric
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 2003

Nobody 'Cept You
Autumn Leaves
Lyric - Zwan
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"Lyric" is Zwan's second single off of Mary Star of the Sea. Overall "Lyric" is a decent song, very hopeful and happy almost to the point of being corny. Despite the corniness though, I still enjoy this song.

Now for the rest of the CD you get an interesting choice of b-sides. Both are covers and both are from 10/14/02 at the Hideout in Chicago.

First is "Nobody 'Cept You" cover of Bob Dylan featuring David Pajo's vocals and quiet acoustic guitar. This cover is very soft and reminds me a lot of Mother by Pink Floyd on the Wall album. Personally I think this is the highlight of the CD, very good cover. Although there are some annoying sound from the recording plus at once point you can here Toccata and Fugue by Bach ringtone on a cell phone. Ugh.

The 2nd b-side features a very simple "Autumn Leaves" cover of Eva Cassidy by Billy Corgan. It's hard to describe this song, since Corgan has never done something similar to this before. It reminds me of some music you'd expect to listen to when entering a really dark jazz bar that's all depressing and run down. The song only features Corgan's vocals and a piano.

All in all a good addition to a Zwan fan's collection, nothing too impressive though.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

The second single released by Zwan, and far better than the first. With David Pajo singing on "Nobody 'Cept You" and Billy Corgan singing on "Autumn Leaves" (both of which are covers) you really begin to see the Zwan that you knew and loved in their first few shows. On "Autumn Leaves," all the song is is Billy singing and a piano. It reminds me a lot of those good old Adore outtakes and such. If you're looking for a great buy, and a single full of beautiful songs, than you might want to pick this one up.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Lyric is the second Zwan single and a must-have only for die-hard fans. Of course, most Zwan fans are probably die-hard Pumpkin fans, so, "Lyric" is a must-have. The title track is a great pop song that in no way prepares the listener for the following tracks. "Nobody 'Cept You" is a Bob Dylan cover that requires only David Pajo and an acoustic guitar. Let the Djali Zwan come forth! It's a very simple, quiet song performed live that reminds me of James Iha's Pumpkins tunes. The final track on the single is "Autumn Leaves," another simple, quiet, live song with Billy Corgan on vocals this time. It's difficult to compare this song to anything that Billy's done before... maybe "Jupiter's Lament" but a lot darker and with piano? Anywho, it sounds like an Adore era out-take... dark and very beautiful. As far as singles go, Lyric is quality. It showcases Zwan as an emerging pop/rock band and introduces the listener to the heart and soul of Zwan, the acoustic core that pulses behind the layered guitars of Mary Star of the Sea.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

While Lyric is an excellent track, I found the b-sides a bit disappointing. Two live covers seems a tad lazy - One original track would've been nice, as with the superior Honestly single.

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