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Police, The - Zenyatta Mondatta
Label: Interscope Records
Release: 1980

Don't Stand So Close To Me
Driven To Tears
When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around
Canary in a Coalmine
Voices Inside My Head
Bombs Away
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Behind My Camel
Man In A Suitcase
Shadows In The Rain
The Other Way of Stopping
Zenyatta Mondatta - Police, The
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1980 really was a year for the classics, wasn't it? Never Forever, Peter Gabriel III, Kings of the Wild Frontier...and thisalbum, another classic of the era. WHAT an album - every single song is great, and some of them are just totally classic.

Of course, you'll know those big radio standards - "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da", which is probably one of the catchiest songsever written, the irresistible bass-driven "Driven to Tears", and of course, the brilliance of "Don't Stand So Close To Me", with yet another infectious chorus and brilliant Andy Summers guitar line. There's various other brilliant numbers onhere - bouncy classics like "Canary in a Coalmine" and "Man In A Suitcase", the fantastic "When The World Is Running Down,You Make The Best of What's Still Around", and another exceptional number, in "Bombs Away" - GREAT chorus on that one.

There's also a very atmospheric mood on this album - best represented by three instrumental tracks. Each of them represent a different member of the band - the first one, "Voices Inside My Head", is a very atmospheric piece, with lots of backgroundvoices by Sting. "Behind My Camel" is the Andy Summers piece, filled with some very Frippian guitar lines - quite reminiscent on what was to come on Summers' collaboration with Fripp on 1982's "I Advance Masked". And the closing track,"The Other Way of Stopping" is most definitely Copeland's showcase, filled with his outstanding rhythmic drumming power - he's an absolute joy to listen to on the drums, and he most certainly deserves his place amongst the greats.

"Shadows in the Rain", the only track that I haven't mentioned so far, fits in pretty well with these "atmospheric" pieces -it's a pretty spacey number, sorta reminiscent of something like "Walking on the Moon". It's another brilliant number, ina whole host of outstanding staggering world-class tracks.

This is an absolutely brilliant album, and it's fully deserving of a 10 - it's instantly memorable, and instantly brilliant.One of the premier New Wave records from one of the best bands of the era. 10 on the spot - there isn't a single wasted second on this classic.

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the besteresterst police album?! maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! certainly the first police album i ever bought and certainly the most well liked commercially and certainly got the ugliest cover i've seen in ages past of here and what and angels and i can smell you wishing me good time vibrations! taking the punk regaee world pop sound of the band to it's logical extreme, it's great. sting was never so hip.

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