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Underworld - A Hundred Days Off
Label: V2 Records
Release: 2002

Mo Move
Two Months Off
Sola Sistim
Little Speaker
Ess Gee
Dinosaur Adventure 3D
Ballet Lane

A Hundred Days Off - Underworld
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Darren’s left, and Karl and Rick are left to go on as a duo, people were wondering 1)can they do it? 2)will they split up? 3) can they top the brilliance that is Beaucoup fish with its mix of hard techno dance (king of snake, kittens, push up stairs) ambient techno (cups, jumbo) and the other brilliant left field madness that makes up this album, well, 1)yes 2)no 3) you better believe it!

The album starts momove, with its effects, ambient melody, rhythmic tribal drums and driving bass line and carls haunting singing, its classic underworld, we are off, and what a great start to the album.

Track 2 is two months off, its starts with hard efficient techno beats (with underworlds friend Juanita adding some off the wall spoken words that fit perfectly in the song) then what sound like church wedding bells gracefully mix in (they sound what can only be described as joyful), then the most amazing dance riff ive heard in a long time mixes in its hard sounding but again its the sound of uplift and euphoria as are carls vocals, which come next, ''you bring light in, to a dark place'' he sings among other things. This song is meant to uplift and make you want to dance, if it doesn’t put make you feel good nothing will. its brilliant.

Track 3 twist an intelligent ambient track with its upbeat south American sounding drums, again its great stuff.

Solasistim slows the pace even further with chilled bass and melody down tempo drum breaks and carls laid back vocals, this song like the album is underworld sounding sophisticated and excellent fun with the greatest of ease.

Well from the rest of album we get leftfield (trim, where carl mixes his acoustic guitar playing with Ricks beats perfectly, and sings hypnotic catchy lyrics to boot) ambience (essgee and ballet lane) and techno (little speaker, dinosaur adventure 3D and luetin)

And talking of luetin its the track that finishes the album, and what a way to album its an absolutely sublime piece of techno pop music, in its own why as urgent as any rock song, a brilliant end to the album.

This is an absolutely perfect album, and if you have interest in electronic music, i recommend you purchase it as soon as possible.

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