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Built to Spill - There's Nothing Wrong with Love
Label: Up
Release: 1994

In the Morning
Big Dipper
The Source
Twin Falls
Distopian Dream Girl
Israel's Song

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Built to Spill frontman Doug Marstch knows how to write catchy indie pop songs. This is more than evident on Built to Spill's second album, 1994's There's Nothing Wrong with Love.

The album opens with "In the Morning", a catchy indie rocker that showcases Marstch's ability to write great guitar licks along with quality lyrics and somehow mesh them together into indie masterpieces that are different without being unaccessable.

"Reasons" and "Big Dipper" come next, two indie pop gems that are so catchy they make you wonder why you didn't get into this record years ago.

"Car" comes next, a favorite of many Built to Spill fans. Words cannot really describe the greatness of this song. Doug Marstch's vocals fit like missing puzzle pieces over quiet and loud parts.

After three more great tunes ("Fling", "Cleo", and "The Source") Marstch croons about a childhood crush in "Twin Falls". He sings about a girl he knew as a grade school student in Twin Falls, Idaho. Having gone to grade school in Idaho myself, I find this song especially relatable when Marstch mentions such things as the childhood game Seven Up and Parachute.

Two more indie rock anthems follow in classic BTS style-- "Some" and "Distopian Dream Girl".

"Israel's Song" begins with some quirky guitar noodling, and then goes into a verse with a funky bass line, only to build again to more guitar noodling. Add to that relatable lyrics about the hardships of growing up and trying to fit in, and you've got a great song.

The record ends strong with "Stab". Some of the lyrics say, "I wrote a song. It was slow and long. I wrote the words and the music wrong."

If the words and music on this record are wrong, then I don't want to be right.

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