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Joe Strummer - Global a Go-Go
Label: Epitaph
Release: 2001

Johnny Appleseed
Cool 'n' Out
Global A Go-Go
Bhindi Bhagee
Gamma Ray
Mega Bottle Ride
Shaktar Donetsk
Mondo Bongo
Bummed Out City
At the Border,Guy
Minstrel Boy
Global a Go-Go - Joe Strummer
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This is the last album of Joe Strummer's solo career, and perhaps the best. This album resides heavily on latin percussian, and it matches Joe's singing quite successfully. One can really imagine the change and maturing Strummer went through since his punk-rock days with The Clash.
The first track "Johnny Appleseed" is very catchy and establishes the album's rythm and its high production. The album is highly produced thourgh out, and the songs are very structured. But I dont mind over-production as long as it remains true music. It is quite a better effort than Joe Strummer's last album "Rock Art and the X-Ray Style" which lagged quite considerably in some places.

There are very many textures in the whole work, the title track includes a russian choir...a russian choir? The wide variety of instruments used makes the songs very interesting, and the album remains fresh throughout. The last track "Minstrel Boy" is a long 15 minute opus of the famous irish tune. It is the same track that plays over the the credits of the movie "Black Hawk Down", but without Joe's vocals and much longer (I diffinetly prefer the one with vocals).

This is one album that hasn't been collecting dust in my collection. It has an original sound that keeps it distingishable from others. It is ashame that we will not see anymore albums from Joe Strummer, as his solo career was greatly improving. But this album is worthy enough of Joe Strummer's final release.

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