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Smashing Pumpkins, The - 1979
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 1996

The Boy
Set The Ray To Jerry

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins, The
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This is the second single released off the multi-platinum release, "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness." This single contains the song, "1979" of course, which is put it simply...perfect. After that comes, "Ugly," which, though depressing, is great. Next, comes "The Boy" and "Cherry," which are both great as well. "The Boy" is one of my favourite James Iha songs, because it is so poppy. "Cherry," on the other hand, even as Billy said, (which he also said about "Set The Ray To Jerry") really deserved to be on the actual album. The weak song on the single is "Believe," which a lot of people love, (another Iha song) but I really don't think compares to some of his other stuff.

All in all, you really should get this's great!

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