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Blind Melon - Soup
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1995

2 x 4
Toes Across The Floor
Car Seat (God's Presents)
The Duke
St. Andrew's Fall
New Life
Mouthful Of Cavities
Soup - Blind Melon
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Blind Melon...what can I say, one of my favorite bands of all time. And their second album "soup", is in my opinion, one of the most overlooked albums ever to hit stores. Despite all the bad reviews it recieved, claiming that it was, "just plain bad" and "a complete failure compared to their last album." I completely disagree. They start the cd off with "galaxie" and "2x4", which concerns Shannon's drug addiction and how he is tired of everyone giving him different plans to stay off drugs. 2x4 is such a powerful song, and as you listen to it you can tell Shannon is putting all of his heart and soul into the lyrics. Simply because he feels so strongly about them. Soon after is "skinned", at first you may interpret this as a light-hearted song. But if you carefully listen to the lyrics, its quite disturbing. The song is about Ed Gein a serial killer who skinned his victoms and then attempted to wear their skin. Popular movies such as "Psycho" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" are lightly based on him. Although the song is concerning a very serious and even disturbing matter, the band somehow makes is sound very light-hearted as I mentioned before. They even have a kazoo solo that fits very well with the song. Then its "Dumptruck", another very powerful song. And soon after "Car Seat (God's Presents)." Which concerns a mother who kills both of her children and then at the end, Shannon recites his grandmother poem, "God's Presents." Which he actually had tatooed on his right arm. A couple songs later we have "St.Andrew's Fall", one of my favorite Blind Melon tunes. Which is about a man commiting suicide by jumping off a building, and this happened just as the band members were standing there. The album finishes off with "Mouth Full of Cavities", and "Lemonade." Two more Blind Melon beautys. Blind Melon as a group produces amazing music. Rogers Stevens and Christopher Thorn merge their guitars together beautifully. But the real talent in Blind Melon lies in Shannon Hoon. His lyrics in my opinion are rivaled by Billy Corgan and Anthony Keidis, and the power he puts into his vocals is amazing. If only he hadn't passed away I'm sure he would have produced many more amazing albums. Overall I give "Soup" a nine out of ten. Quite a piece of work. R.I.P Shannon.

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