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Flaming Lips - Fight Test Ep
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2002

Fight Test
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
The Golden Age
Knives Out
Do You Realize? (Floating In Space Mix)
The Strange Design Of Conscience
Thank You Jack White (For The Fiber Optic Jesus You Gave Me)
Fight Test Ep - Flaming Lips
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The latest single by the Flaming Lips (available AT WAL-MART OMG THEY'VE MADE IT BIG TIME RWE::R*#@ $O*@#$) and it's not bad. Not ESSENTIAL but fun. First, is the song "Fight Test", which is a good choice for a single. Starting with the booming voice saying "the test begins NOW OW OW OW OW" and followed by some techno (but techno WITH a melody, which is what makes this band's version better) and a nice message of not just rolling over and dying, it's a good single, of course it won't get radio play but you know.

"Can't get you out of my head" is a cover of the Kylie Minogue song. don't run. They make this song a flaming lips song in all but name, but changing the electro dance of the Kylie song into a full on art rock epic filled with mellotrons (!) synths, dramatic, beautiful singing from Wayne, turning a routine pop song into something wonderful, epic and beautiful. Wayne truly appreciates the song, one can tell, or he wouldn't have gave it such a great treatment.

Next is the beck song "The Golden Age" which (as pointed out by mark prindle) does sound ALOT like five stop mother superior rain by the Flaming Lips themselves from years ago, but without the epic slide feedback guitar that made the original so great. It's not a bad song though.

Next is the Radiohead song "Knives Out", and it's performed live. it's not bad, but doesn't really improve the original or add any new ideas.

Next is a needlessly extended version of the song "Do you realize" by a guy who completely ruined the beautiful, depressing atmosphere of the original by turning it into a routine extended dance remix. Ugh. The Lips should have remixed it themselves.

"The strange design of the conscience" is next and it follows in the line of the work the band did on yoshimi. It could have fit on the album and nobody would have thought anything.

"Thank you Jack White" is a acoustic almost country song about this stupid gift stupid Jack White gave Wayne at a concert. I'd like it better if it didn't mention the White Stripes guy.

If you're a huge fan, this is worth getting because it has the video for "Fight Test", and the promo for the christmas on mars movie that is available on the website. The extra songs are alright, the covers are decent, but the main selling point for me was the videos.

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