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Jethro Tull - Stand Up
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1969

A New Day Yesterday
Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
Back to the Family
Look Into The Sun
Nothing Is Easy
Fat Man
We Used to Know
Reasons For Waiting
For A Thousand Mothers
Stand Up - Jethro Tull
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Jethro Tull make the jump from pretty bog-standard blues band with original flute player to highly original blues-rock bandwith mastermind flute player on this 1969 classic. Filled to the brim with a whole host of the best songs from the JethroTull canon, this is a pretty good alternative to any of the many best-ofs available. Look at that tracklisting! New DayYesterday? Nothing Is Easy? Bouree? Reasons For Waiting? All classic. And hey, you don't have to contend with all thatshit they released from the '80s onwards. So buy this.

To the album - it begins with a standard in "A New Day Yesterday" - an absolutely superb blues number, with a cracking riff,and outstanding vocals. And don't go forgetting the flute - it's an instrument that you certainly won't be forgetting onthe classic "Bouree". One of the best fusions of classical and rock ever, with some genius flute playing from Ian Anderson,and a great bass. WHAT a track this is - this fusion of the two genres could blow a hell of a lot of ELP out of the water.And don't forget a healthy dose of heavy Anderson panting! Classic.

You also get some folkier numbers in the solid "Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square" and "Look into the Sun", and the even better "Back to the Family" - although "Back to the Family" doesn't really stay folky for long, as it goes right into a big rocker, with lots of crashing cymbals and raging guitar/flute interplay. But it's another classic Tull song, with a lot of different, understated parts. Great grandstand ending too - Tull at their best throughout.

We get some big rock smashers too - the almighty "Nothing Is Easy" is the first of these...oof, my. Fantastic riff, and flute - and some great vocals. But the real big thing is the ending...and WHAT an ending. It's an absolute smasher of anending - gathering more and more steam until the band sound like they're about to flatten a village. Absolutely fantastic - one of the best Tull songs ever. In contrast, is the hilarious "Fat Man" - infectious, and combined with a set of greatlyrics from Ian Anderson. Superb song, that one.

A pretty standard bluesy track follows, with "We Used To Know" - good wah-wah on that guitar. Then we get the gorgeous andatmospheric, spacey classic "Reasons For Waiting"...wonderful flute melodies, and voice. The track is incredibly soothing,and nice, with some wonderful strings as well. Classic. Really great track...again, we have another contrast, as the albumends with arguably the biggest rocker - the almighty "For A Thousand Mothers". Hammering riff, and a raging Ian Anderson vocal battle with venomous flute and guitar lines, pinned by a smashing rhythm. Another classic Tull track from this album - what an album.

An extremely high 9 is what this one gets, because it's a classic. Arguably the best Tull album, it's between this and theequally brilliant follow-up, "Benefit". Stunning classic from the classic Tull period. Go buy this one now.

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