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Kate Bush - The Early Years/Kick Inside Demos
Label: Other Label Not Listed
Release: 1973

Something Like A Song
Need Your Loving
You Were The Star
The Gay Farewell
Cussi Cussi

Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Strange Phenomena
Scares Me Silly (But It Gets Me Going)

Organic Acid (Before The Fall)
The Early Years/Kick Inside Demos - Kate Bush

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Rather than take these two other unreleased pieces of work singularly, i'm putting them in the same review. The first one,"The Early Years", is the title of an infamous, unauthorised record that featured songs on it that were recorded as far backas 1973 - when Kate was just 14. EMI and Kate got wind of this, and the record was pulled immediately - word has it that only a couple of copies exist. How this got out, I don't know - but it does still miss two tracks that were to be on the release, "The Disbelieving Angel", which made it to the 1976 Tapes, and the otherwise totally unknown "Go Now While You Can".

The sound quality for "The Early Years" is utterly atrocious - often barely audible, but considering how rare this item is, it's to be expected - you just have to work around it. Some of these tracks made it a bit further, but only one is reallyknown that well outside - "Need Your Loving" was recorded in a set of Gilmour sessions, was re-titled as "Passing Through Air", and was included on the flipside to "Army Dreamers". That's it, really, although "Something Like A Song" and "The GayFarewell" both made it to the 1976 Tapes, and "Humming" was also recorded during the Gilmour sessions.

That leaves four other songs - of which the best is probably the outstanding "You Were The Star", one of the first real bigmulti-part Kate compositions, and it's only about 2 minutes long. Atmospheric verses contrast with a very fast-paced chorusin this great early classic. Kate sounds very different on these tracks - she was after all, only 14, and she was still developing her, Kate often sings quietly, but it still sounds very good. The other three tracks are all nicesofter tracks, with "Atlantis" probably being the best of them. Excellent work, especially for a 14-year old.

As for "The Kick Inside demos", they were probably recorded in about 1977, and it's mainly just versions of songs that arenear-enough completed, although there are some notable items - a take of "Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake", and a song called "Scares Me Silly (But It Gets Me Going)". This song is pretty unique for Kate - it's a very bouncy, almostpunky-style song in places, with some very catchy piano-lines. Pretty decent, really.

One final track which i'm going to include here is pretty much homeless - no one knows exactly when it was recorded, and it'snot on any of the demo sets. "Organic Acid" is the title of a 6-minute track, that features Kate supplying background musicand vocals for a poem, narrated by John Carder Bush. It's a very epic, atmospheric work - but it's absolutely outstanding,staggering world-class. It's probably after the Early Years, but before the Cathy Demos. Once again, a great work.

Together, I think i'll slap an 8 on this - although again, there's no real rating. Songs are good - quality isn't good, butthat's no huge problem. Some more forgotten gems.

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