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Kate Bush - The Cathy Demos
Label: Other Label Not Listed
Release: 1976

The Kick Inside (Brother)
Hammer Horror
It Hurts Me (Feeling Like A Waltz)
Stranded At The Moonbase (Keeping Me Waiting)
Kashka From Baghdad
Surrender Into The Roses (Carmilla)
Oh To Be In Love
Rinfy the Gypsy (Playing Canasta In Cold Rooms)
On Fire Inside A Snowball (Hot In The Ice)
Dali (Ferry Me Over)
Where Are The Lionhearts? (On the Rocks)
The Craft of Love (The Craft of Life)
The Gay Farewell (Eddie the Queen)
Something Like A Song
Frightened Eyes
The Disbelieving Angel
Nevertheless, You'll Do
Come Closer To Me Babe (Who Is Sylvia?)
So Soft (You're Soft)
The Rare Flower (Pick the Rare Flower)
While Davy Dozed (Davy)
The Cathy Demos - Kate Bush

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The Cathy Demos is the name often given to a set of 22 tracks, recorded by the young Kate in about 1976, and sent to EMI.She had just been signed by EMI, and was been given time to "grow up" as it were, as she was only 16. The songs included here are all embryonic - recorded with just piano and vocals, but many things are already in place - the voice, the original piano playing, and the excellent lyrics. These tracks are available in many forms - there's plenty of bootlegs,MP3 sites with the demos included and, if you're willing to look, the original set of bootleg 7"s with the songs on it.

A fair few of these tracks would go on from these humble beginnings and be included on studio albums - from the Kick Inside,we have embryonic versions of "The Kick Inside" and "Oh To Be In Love", from Lionheart, we have "Hammer Horror" and "KashkaFrom Baghdad", and it even goes all the way to Never Forever, with a version of "Violin". It's interesting to see some of these tracks in this context - especially Violin, seeing as it was transformed from it's fairly soft beginnings here (noneof the banshee-like caterwauls here, but Kate still gives the chorus some belly) into an all-out rocker. "Hammer Horror" isabridged, and also fairly different - perhaps a little more haunting, with a slamming chorus. There's no other major changesin the other songs - a verse out here and there, a different line here and there, etc.

The real best thing about the Cathy Demos is the little gems that have been unearthed - songs that make you wonder why on earth they didn't make it to, at least, b-side level (Although you'd have a hard time picking songs to take out). Gems such as "Dali", "On Fire Inside A Snowball", "The Craft of Love", "Where Are The Lionhearts?" and especially the outstanding "It Hurts Me" perhaps deserved more than this, but again, you'd have a hard time replacing the album songs.

Most of the unreleased tracks are like this - and some can be sorta-visualised. You could see "Dali" as a soft piano balladin the same vein as "The Kick Inside", and you could see "Nevertheless You'll Do" as a big rocker in the same vein as "Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake"...while some others have a little more wonder to them - the aforementioned "It Hurts Me" is a lot like "Moving" in places, but it's got a few parts to it - one of the more complete songs here. While others are more atmospheric, like "Stranded At The Moonbase", "Something Like A Song" and "Frightened Eyes" - others are alsoquite fast paced, but not in the usual Kate sense - "The Rare Flower", despite being played only on the piano, is one of thehardest songs in the whole Kate catalogue, with rumbling piano lines and an agitated lead vocal. It would have been great to see these songs appear in some form, but for what they are here, they're fantastic, early classics.

I don't really want to give an actual rating to this set, as it's not really an album - it's a collection of songs that areembryonic. But, based purely on the music, i'm going to slap on a 9. There's no real problems at all - the songs are good,and they make you wonder what a lot of them could have been, and for demo tapes recorded in 1976, the quality is good(Although you should be wary of where you get these songs from - many bootlegs have bad sound quality). If you see the opportunity to hear this, then it shouldn't be ignored.

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