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Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Two
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1970

Whole lotta love
What is and what should never be
The lemon song
Thank you
Heart breaker
Living loving maid (she's just a woman)
Ramble on
Moby Dick
Bring it on home
Led Zeppelin Two - Led Zeppelin
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As close of an exact duplicate of the debut album but worse because the production was so crappy on this one. The crystal clear clarity of the first is gone in place with a murk. No surprise though, they recorded this one on the run, basically from nothing in particular, just on tour. So it starts out with a bang. BUT WHAT A BANG!!!! 'Whole lotta love' is one of my favorite Zeppelin tunes, a nice riff, good bass playing, stupid lyrics, stupid orgasm middle section, a good guitar solo it's got it all!

Next is a copy of "Babe I'm gonna leave you" that's not as good because the melody is tons clumsier (the STOLEN melody) and the production is such crap!

SO it's no surprise the next song is a uh, hard core blues I guess but worse then the one on the first album because it's got Robert's "Soulful" wailings about "Squezing his lemon". ugh. leave "subtle" sexual metaphors to Whitesnake, thank you.

That's the next song! Thank you that is. A uh KEYBOARD based song (damn they REALLY liked the pattern their first album had) it's a little worse, as is the rule on this album, but it's easily the second best song on the album after "Whole lotta love". Decent singing from Plant.

"Heart breaker" is of course the song a lot of heavy metal bands based their whole career on, this features what many consider the best solo ever, but I don't really like it. Sounds too clumsy and poorly thought out. Plus, it's obviously grafted on last second, and the band has even admitted it. Oh well, it's got a great great riff.

Living loving maid is next,a nd this one is a fun pop/blues/rock song that's so FUCKING misogynst it makes me want to hit my wife or something.

Ramble on is a pretty good song too, with some nice dynamics smothered by the crap production. some people hate this song but I think it's cool, at least the "Ramble on!" chorus is catchy.

"Moby Dick" is a completely worthless drum solo that got stretched to 15 minutes. In the immortal words of mark prindle "how many things can you do with a drum set, two?" Well, you can do more than that but you get the point. Great intro riff too bad they didn't develop the song.

Uh the last song is another hard core blues song with Robert Plant singing through his harmonica to make his voice sound so UTTERLY RIDICULOUS AND ANNOYING it almost ruins a fine song.

Weaker, but not horrible. It's obviously a huge clone of the first, and it just sounds like one song done over and over (you don't think?!) Plus, Jimmy Page stole all these melodies I'm sure. So, I think my rating of 3 and a half stars is fair.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

A big step down, for sure (Although most efforts would be). Most people wouldn't agree, of course - often regarded as one ofthe greatest, if not the greatest hard rock record ever made, Zep II is pretty much set in stone as a classic album, and every last one of it's songs enjoys heavy rotation on pretty much any classic rock radio station. This, of course, also means that this record is overrated to the extreme - bar a couple of classics, nothing on here sets out anything new, or comes close to anything that was on the classic debut. In fact, the only real new thing on here is our Robert - after the great singing on the last record, he quickly decides to go into full offensiveness on this one. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH's everywhere. Good at times, fucking annoying most of the time.

This isn't to say that the record's crap - it's actually fairly good. Just not a classic. You do, after all, get some greatsongs for your money - the opening "Whole Lotta Love" is worthy of all the radio play that it gets, what with the riff, thesolo, the theremins...a classic number. Same goes for "What Is And What Should Never Be" - with it's odd slide playing, andgeneral spacey mood. And it all especially goes for "Heartbreaker", which is perhaps the only song here that could have aserious fight with anything on Zeppelin II - one of the all-time Zeppelin riffs, that outstanding solo section, of the best Zep songs ever, for sure.

...And nothing else on this record even comes remotely close to that triumvirate. In order - "The Lemon Song" is a messy,and pretty much unmemorable song, and it's also too fucking long. "Thank You" is dull, and doesn't even hold a candle to the last album's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You". "Living Loving Maid" is a generic, basic, and pretty dull rocker, although it'snot bad. "Ramble On" tries to set out the same mood as "What Is..." and fails miserably in the process. And "Moby Dick"...well, it's a fucking studio drum solo. No more needs to be said - it is, of course, utterly offensive, and complete crap,although it's like a top-level Kate Bush song when compared to the version on "The Song Remains The Same".

It's hardly worth going through all of this to get to the last song on the record - which is, at the least, good. "Bring ItOn Home" is another attempt at that blues thing, and is a decent close-out. The opening section is pretty poor, but it canbe forgiven once the song kicks in, and Jimmy launches into a rip-snorting riff. Big rockiness abound, before finally goingback to those opening sections - which is basically your bog-standard 12-bar, with Plant's muffled singing - meant, of course, to make the song sound like it was recorded back in the days of Son House and Robert Johnson. Naturally, it fails,although it's at least a decent effort.

Overall, i'll give this a 6. It could have been so much better - but at the end of it's day, it isn't even remotely deserving of the godlike, untouchable status it's given - if you want hard rock nirvana, then take the perfect debut any dayof the week. And besides which - listen to a major classic rock radio station for a good few hours, and you'll have heard pretty much every song on this album come the end of your musical feast. Good album - but it could have been so, so much better.

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