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Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin One
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1969

Good times bad times
Babe i'm gonna leave you
You shook me
Dazed and confused
Your time is gonna come
Black mountain side
Communcation breakdown
I can't quit you baby
How many more times
Led Zeppelin One - Led Zeppelin
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A debut album and sometimes it's called Led Zeppelin's best. Is it? I've had it the longest out of all their albums i have but i think three is the best so far. But I'm reviewing this one because I'm more familar with it. Plus, it shows off every single side of Led Zeppelin right from the start. Except for "In through the out door" but that was John Paul Jones directed. By the way, he was the genius of the band and Jimmy Page was just a stupid cock rocker. Look at the firm. I rest my case.

Anyways, this album starts off with a bang with "Good times bad times". esentially, a pop song toughened up by a bunch of guitars playing all at once and solo's etc. It's a good way to start the album although "Baby i'm gonna leave you" might be the best Led Zeppelin song ever. The best ballad they ever did any ways. Starts with great acoustic picking, picks up some "rocking" steam, has great signing from Plant (don't take great singing from him for granted!) and of course great playing by the instrumentalists. And lyrics that don't make you want to murder the whole band (that came later. valhala indeed...)

You shook me comes next which is a sort of hard core blues song or something I dunno. I hate the blues for the most part, but this song is alright. In fact, it's pretty cool, and I like the way Robert and Jimmy duel with each other. No melody in sight but it's BLUES. Blues has no melody that's not the point. But I'm not going into a blues debate because I know jack about blues and I'm sure Jimmy ripped every single melody off from this album, especially on this song where the melody is just a two or three note bass riff, with occasional guitar flashes and it used to annoy me tons but it's okay now.

I used to hate "Dazed and Confused", but now I think it's really cool. it's still too long but at least it's not half an hour yet!!!!

I like your time is gonna come a lot because a) it's based around an organ which makes it different than the rest of the songs. b) since it was based around a keyboard John Paul Jones probably wrote the music, which means it actually has a melody. c) tender singing by Plant. seriously, another point is added just because of Plant's singing on this album. A minimum of "Baby baby's" and a maximum of pure talent and emotion. Disappeared almost by the second album but...

"Black mountain side" is a cute little guitar instrumental in a weird tuning nothing more.

"Communication breakdown" is so raw and fast and so lacking in a melody (except for the chorus which is SO catchy and fun) that it's OBVIOUSLY a punk song. It's short though, which helps it out because Led Zeppelin usually just fucked around to make songs long which made them REALLY boring.

How many more times is a really long blues song that I can't really remember how it goes.

I love this album and this band, as unlikely as it seems. This was the only time the band was truly revolutionary, and it's just good to hear that youthful (well, Bonham and Plant anyways: Page and Jones were old seasoned pros) enthusiam in the playing and singing. Of course it went away almost immediately, but what they lost in that they gained in pomposity and song writing!!!!!!!

John Paul Jones 4 Evah.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Led Zeppelin started off in 1968, and it didn't take them long to release their best work - George Starostin says that this album pretty much ushered in the seventies, and it's pretty hard to disagree with that. It's an absolutely outstanding record, and every song is pretty much great. Unfortunately, it's also a lot like the third, in that most of the songs areoverlooked in favour of 1 or 2 radio standards.

You'll know the 2 radio standards off by heart, of course - there's "Dazed and Confused" in all of it's stoned-out glory,filled to the brim with Jimmy Page raping his guitar with a violin, Plant's "AHHH"s, which for once, aren't completely fucking offensive, and one of the best solos ever committed to tape (regardless of origin). And there's also a hard-rocking,short number that you might know called "Communication Breakdown", that's also generally known as "dundundundundundundundundun-DA-duh-DAH". Classic riff aside, it's a solid little smasharound - the type of which Zeppelin never really did thatmuch.

As for the others...yep, pretty much all great too. "Good Times, Bad Times" is a perfect introduction to the album, and thehard-rocking Zeppelin sound in general, "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" is by far and away, the greatest ballad that Zeppelin evercommitted to record - it's an absolute stonker. "Your Time Is Gonna Come" is another fantastic soft number, and "Black Mountain Side" is a fantastic little solo acoustic eastern-folk style hit from Jimmy.

But the real centerpieces here are those pure, fresh, absolutely rip-snorting blues numbers. There's three of these - analmighty rendition of Willie Dixon and JB Lenoir's "You Shook Me", filled with classic solo after classic solo, and some fabulous vocal-guitar interplay. Another Dixon song is covered - the more standard, but still fantastic blues of "I Can'tQuit You Baby", with some fantabulous Jimmy guitar playing - he just cooks throughout this album. I'd probably say it's hisstrongest overall as far as the guitar goes...he fires on all fronts.

And then, of course, there's the tyrannic album closer "How Many More Times". Uncredited to old musicians this time, although Albert King is definitely on here ("They call me the hunter babe", etc.)...not that that really matters - it's thearrangements that count with Zeppelin. The main riff cooks, as does Plant, and Bonham on the drums. It's all, of course,immaculately pinned down by John Paul Jones. It's a glorious multi-parter, that for once, doesn't outlast it's welcome - it's fully entitled to it's seven-minute length. For your money, you also get more modern-day Vivaldi poses from Jimmy, andyou get a barnstorming collection of riffs and solos.

Overall, this album is easily Zeppelin's strongest, most consistent, best etc. and I give it a 10, easy. WHAT an album - although of course, there is a distinct problem with your strongest record being your debut. You always have to live up toit - a feat that Zeppelin didn't accomplish. But still, a definite 10 for this one - one of the essential albums of the sixties.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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