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Pearl Jam - Yield
Label: Sony
Release: 1998

Brain Of J.
No Way
Given To Fly
Do The Evolution
Low Light
In Hiding
Push Me, Pull Me
All Those Yesterdays

Yield - Pearl Jam
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Yield is a little more rock than No Code, but has its experimental moments, like the red dot song which is absolutely strange. If No Code left a sour taste in many fans' mouth, Yield showed them that Pearl Jam can still rock. It was a bit more commercially successful than No Code, the songs were stronger and had more of a "Pearl Jamish" feel to them than No Code. Unlike No Code, none of the songs here get skipped or completely looked over. This is a strong Pearl Jam record, probably the strongest since their first 2 releases and has re-assured many lost fans that they are just around the corner, so Yield when you are coming around the bend because they can still blow you away.

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