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Strokes, The - This Is It
Label: RCA Records
Release: 2001

Is This It
The Modern Age
Barely Legal
Alone Together
Last Night
Hard To Explain
When It Started
Trying Your Luck
Take It Or Leave It

This Is It - Strokes, The
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this is it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i don't get the new rock movement. it's stale retreads of other great bands. the whole thing reeks of rampant nostalgia, and critic band wagon jumping. *listens to Yes*

the music on this album isn't bad but dude fuck. if i want to hear television i'll listen to marquee moon. that album was daring, and dangerous sounding. a fucking THRILL to listen to. this album? a wanna be thrill.

the song writing isn't bad or anything, i dunno. it's like average rock. which is of course why they're hailed as genius saviors of rock. heh. fuck this shit. listen to Ween.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

While not finding it as loathsome as the previous reviewer, I too can't understand the hype surrounding The Strokes. It's not so much that they're unoriginal - that's not really a problem if done correctly - it's that they fail to be particularly interesting. Perhaps their greatest flaw (aside from Julian Casablancas vacant, dreary, emotionless voice), however, is the production (by Gordon Raphael). While I dislike Casablancas' singing, burying vocals so deep in the mix is an unforgivable misfire.

Much of their second album (Room On Fire, also produced by Raphael) is also afflicted by this - Radiohead's excellent producer Nigel Godrich was originally slated to produce that record, but they parted company with him during recording in order to play it safe & capitalise on the success of This Is It.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

So nobody seems to understands why the Strokes are supposed to be musical icons, and I can only agree. Still, I find it surprising that I would be the first reviewer who actually LIKES this album, especially as I am easily bored with almost any music, especially with rock.

The Strokes seem to be heavily influenced by 70s rockbands like the Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop (and although I'm not sure if that's a particularly "daring" sound, it sounds pretty good to me(!)). I don't think there can be much doubt about whether or not the songs
on Is This It? are well-written. The only thing is: you'll have to forget about the idea that good modern songs should be crisp & clear to appreciate the album. I think the effort might be to raise a little nostalgia rather than just to produce another slick pop/rock album (although I wasn't even born in the 70s, so what do I know?).

Having said that, I think most Strokes-fans will still like songs like "Last Night" best, because they are more closely related to modern popsongs. Personally, I would probably prefer songs like "The modern age", "Alone, together" and "Hard to explain", but maybe
that's just a wee malfunction of mine. I just love a weathered, gritty sound; and The Strokes happen to have just that.

(PS. sorry about the lack of review above -I fucked up when I tried to sign in)

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