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Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
Label: Interscope Records
Release: 2002

You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire
No One Knows
First It Giveth
Song For The Dead
The Sky Is Fallin'
Six Shooter
Hangin' Tree
Go With The Flow
Gonna Leave You
Do It Again
God Is In The Radio
Another Love Song
Song For The Deaf
Mosquito Song

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This album, the queens latest effort is original, features no less than three vocalists (not to mention dave grohl jizzing all over the drum kit), and is certainly worth a listen. The album starts off with the hard rocking You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar (But I Feel Like A Millionare). It's jackhammer beat and catchy hook makes it worth a listen. Next we get one of the better songs on the album, No One knows. Awesome riff, fairly good solo, and just an overall catchy song. First It Giveth is overall fairly good, although I wish it was a bit longer. Song For The, feauturing Mark Lanegan on vocals, is great. Combine the jackhammer-in-your-skull guitar parts and Grohl's competent drum intro. Sky is fallin' is a bit of a letdown after Song For The but pretty much anything would be. Six Shooter is the low point of the album, basically Nick Olivieri on screaming into the microphone. Hangin tree is overall a fairly solid track going into the poppy Go With The Flow, one song youll surely be singing along to. Gonna leave you is another solid track, catchy as almost everything on this album is. Do It Again is a classic queens rocker with a great chorus. The man's march of God Is In The Radio is simply riddled with pumpkins refrences (BlAcK WiNgZ OvEr AmErIcA! revouloution now!). Another Love Song is a welcome respite from the skull pounding stoner-metal of that makes up the rest of this album, feauturing a great chorus and catchy riff. Song For The Deaf is the absouloute gem of this album along with Song For The. Opening with a brooding bass riff that builds into a sonic blast from Homme's guitar. Mosquito Song is a nice closer to the album, featuring some acoustic guitar and horns. After a little tease of Feel Good Hit Of The Summer we get a Kinks cover, Everybody's Gonna Be Happy. Overall this is an excellent album, well worth your money

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