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Zwan - Mary Star of the Sea
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 2003

Settle Down
Declarations of Faith
El Sol
Of a Broken Heart
Ride a Black Swan
Endless Summer
Baby Let's Rock!
Jesus, I / Mary Star of the Sea
Come with Me
Mary Star of the Sea - Zwan
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When it comes to Billy Corgan’s newest creation, Zwan has created a remarkable debut album. Fourteen songs wonderfully written and blend perfectly together in one harmonious album. The flow of the CD is unfortunatly disrupted by the addition of “Heartsong”, an almost depressing addition to the album. The first single “Honestly” was a much anticipated song. The first musical endeavor sinse the break up of The Smashing Pumpkins. In addition to the already released singles, “Honestly” and “Lyric”, the upcoming single “Settle Down” is anticipated by all fans. The somewhat religious feeling of the CD is not so overwhelming that it destroys the interest of the album. The most amazing thing about this album is the amazing transformation of the church hymn “Jesus, I” into a rock song and the intro to “Mary Star of the Sea”. This is a good CD; a new creation by an amazingly smart musician who put together an all-star band and made an all-star CD.


Reviewer Rating of CD :

billy corgan is back and this time he's silly and he's got jesus!!

that's the only way i can think to describe this album. oh that and the fact billy remembered how to write a song, something he seemed to have forgotten on the "production masterpiece" of machina.

billy is also more mature than he's ever been. he's not singing silly teen angst bullshit, or whining about poor record sales. he's just being billy, singing stuff that interest billy like Jesus. he's all about jesus on this album.

the song's are organic, and the fact that this is a REAL band helps. other ideas are coming in, and the music isn't as insular and one man bandish as the pumpkins was.

the melodies on this album are nice, and sing along, and thep laying is great.

what the hell? one of the best albums of his career. sure, it's little more than solid guitar rock, but as somebody who had long written off the man's ability to even play guitar, it's all i needed to reinstill some faith in him.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Zwan...When I think of Zwan I think of The Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan. I really ought to stop. Zwan is hardly like the Pumpkins in any way, except for the obvious, Billy Corgan continues to whine in his somehow great way, and Jimmy continues to impress all with his superior drumming. This review is one I've been thinking ever since I started reviewing, about reviewing, because it is tough to say what I think about this album, other than that it is no Smashing Pumpkins album, but nevertheless, and in some ways better, a Zwan album...and that's just what it is? Did that make sense? I doubt it.

Zwan is different. In "MACHINA / the machines of God," the Pumpkins seemed worn out. Now, Billy and Jimmy seem happier than ever. Billy sings about God and about love, not about suicide and hate. In songs like, "Declarations Of Faith," "Honestly," and "Heartsong," you can really tell just how much Billy has changed, for better or for worse. You be the judge. Me? I love Zwan. They are catchy and nice. It's refreshing to hear something like this in the world we live in. If you're really looking for a really good, and really different album, pick this one up. It's worth the buy, without a doubt. My only advice is: "Play this record with an open mind. Remember, Zwan isn't The Smashing Pumpkins."

The best of the album:
Settle Down
Declarations Of Faith
El Sol
Ride A Black Swan
Jesus, I / Mary Star Of The Sea
Come With Me

The worst of the album:
Baby, Let's Rock!

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Billy Corgan....sullen....angry......bald......a zero......maybe stricken......pop king? Yeah, i said "pop king". I've listened to the Smashing Pumpkins, and I love their music. I listened to the new Zwan album "Mary Star of the Sea" and I get a sense of a new word in Corgan's vocabulary--->Happy. For the majority, the sounds and the many guitars have proven to be quite intriguing, but I believe that this album is only a mediocre display in unison with message. Yes, I believe it is good to look on the bright side of things, as the pumpkins did sometimes, but this album is a bit pop-driven. "Honestly" is a good song about a rekindled love, but all songs and the album seem to be of this structure, with the exception of "and so i died of a broken heart." This song is the best on the album because of it's realistic view of desire. Overall, the album is so-so. Also, the album art is crap, and if you watch "I love the 70s" on VH1, then you'll notice that the far-out designs are that of the albums designs as well.... Sincerely, your kindergarten cosmocrat.....

Reviewer Rating of CD :

In my opinion, this is one of the finest records Billy Corgan has been responsible for. While some have criticised the lack of adventure on this album, it's so full of melodic rock excellence that such criticisms are slightly puzzling to me.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I remember feeling so very excited and euphoric upon hearing that Billy Corgan had started a new band. While the name of the band puzzling, i was more than happy to hear my first sample from the band-"The Empty Sea." A very depressing but interesting song, and then there were the other beautiful samples for the live shows.

However, the selections on the album are very different than those of the live shows. The songs on the cd lack substance. They lack what a precious reviewer stated as "adventure." Before long, i found that the songs on the dvd were more exciting, pleasing and interesting than those on the album. The band has three guitarits and yet, Billy does not utilize his mediums. The songs flow very fast. Words are sputtered out very quickly, and such leaves no time for any beautiful pieces of music.

The album is a dissapointment. It lack that unrecongnizable thing that the Smashing Pumpkins had. I know, lets not compare them. But for arguements sake, Zwan seems at a loss with every other great band today. Yes, Billy Corgan has matured greatly as a person. He is older and wiser and capable of such much more. And this leads to an egotistic view, where experiementation and beauty stand as rare and unknown figures.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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