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Garbage - Version 2.0
Label: Almo Sounds
Release: 1998

Temptation Waits
I Think I'm Paranoid
When I Grow Up
Hammering In My Head
Push It
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Sleep Together
Wicked Ways
You Look So Fine

Version 2.0 - Garbage
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When new garbage was on its way for release in 1998, the world didn't know what to expect. Some dismissed Garbage's second album's coming as just trying to squeeze blood from a turnip; that is to say that Garbage was going to be one of those bands that release one great album, then a really bad one that no one pays attention to, then just disappear and fade away. This is what many people expect of Garbage, and many people were wrong.

While the Self-Titled Debut in 1995 introduced us to this band, "Version 2.0" defined them and is the quintessential Garbage album. This album made the world realize that they are not going away, they are here to stay. While many people who didn't even like this kind of the music were rushing out to buy this CD, it became commercially successful but Garbage could still keep their Street cred. Shirley Manson's vocal presence in this album is amazing, and has been unsurpassed in their future releases. She will seduce you with her mesmerizing vocal performance on this album, she ranges from sassy to vulnerable, from overly confident to shy, and it works for her. The music flows well and is of top production and basically perfect. To this day this is my favorite Garbage album, and one of my favorites of all time.


Hammering in my Head
When I grow Up

..Basically every song is a highlight!

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