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Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1975

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
Welcome to the Machine
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
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The 1975 follow up to the multi-million selling "Dark Side of the Moon" is kind of a disappointment. It's a pretty lifelessalbum, and a couple of the tracks are downright offensive. It's not a bad album - but there's major room for improvement, which they would fix on their next record. But that's the future, and this is the present, so instead of ranting about thebrilliance of "Animals", i'll rant about the ok-ness of "Wish You Were Here".

The album is bookended by two helpings of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" - a big multi-part suite. Not the best that Pink Floyd have done - the music is generally pretty samey, but there is a lot of good Gilmour dentistry, which pretty much makes the suite. Lots of good solos - the opening hits on both tracks, and several other solid guitar parts. And a nice mellowending to the whole shebang as well. Good vocal parts too - generally, a great number. But all the other tracks are rightin it's shadow - they don't even come close to "Shine On..", and i'd bet money that this piece took a hell of a lot more timeto create than all the other tracks put together.

As for those 3 other songs, well..."Welcome To The Machine" is absolutely ridiculous. It may very well be the worst track the band recorded up to this point - the only real good points are those good Wright synth lines. Other than that, Gilmour'svocals are annoying, the track is completely unmelodic, and it's too, too fucking long - this goes on for about eight minutes. And "Have A Cigar" fairs little better - pretty catchy, but there's generally nothing to it. Roy Harper's guest vocals on this track aren't really that different from Roger's, so his inclusion is also pretty pointless. And the track also overstays it's welcome a bit.

Which leaves the big, massive hit - the title track. It fairs better than the others, as it's finally a bit more simple - a nice, pretty acoustic track. Gilmour's vocals aren't that annoying, and the song is very dreamy and laid back - shadesof earlier songs like "Green Is The Colour" and "Wot's...uh, the Deal?". Nice song, but no real contest for that big suite.

The suite saves the album - and brings the record right up to a 6. But bar the title track, you're not going to find much else here, and "Welcome to the Machine" is terrible. Could have been a lot better, this one - but they recovered very well.

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