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Avec - An Interlude With Madness
Label: Spanish Fly Records
Release: 2003

An Interlude With Madness
What, No Rice?
Pleasure Limited by Decree Part I
Last Demand of the Rain
Fiesta Falls Flat
Dreaming of Leon Again
Not The End
No More Ideas
Pleasure Limited by Decree
Part II
Life Ends Slowly and Painfully
An Interlude With Madness - Avec

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The third full length find the Brooklyn four piece in reflective mood. Their unique sound (currently wowing those in the know in the Balkans) blends early Stockhousen and 'blue' period Justin Timberlake, with a charm often lacking in rockabillypostrockcountryformregge.

Whislt some would call it extravagant to include two twelveminute drum solos in one track, the more informed listner will only wonder at their audacity. The title track builds from a simple monotomous drone of bagpipes ends with a crescendo of duelling flute and washboard duet, unrivalled in the genre.

Not for those of a weak dissposition or bladder the final track "Life ends slowly and painfully" shows that those years in a Manhattan cheese factory have not been waisted.

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