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Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1979

Hey Hey My My (Out of The Blue)
Ride My Llama
Sail Away
Welfare Mothers
Sedan Delivery
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)
Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Rust Never Sleeps

     In many ways Neil Young embodies the mere essence of Rock music. Throughout his over 30 years in music he has consistently stuck to his own formula and done what he wanted to and has not catered to anyone else, whether it be his own peers or the media. Succeeding as a perfectionist in simplicity, he has rarely strayed from the very bare bone essentials of music, bar the techno influenced escapades that occurred much later in his career. Starting as a bluesy folk singer with just the help of his acoustic guitar and a harmonica he later would pick up an electric guitar and go into cahoots with a band named Crazy Horse. While this formation of musical genius has created many of the most genre defining music of Rock history and has been showered by accolades, Rust Never Sleeps is what they are best known for, and this is in good justice.

     Heralded as one of the loudest rock shows ever, Neil Young pulled out all of the stops. Amplifiers a 100 feet tall stood on top of the stage and novelty microphones that were as large as Young himself appeared on the stage, brought on by the roadies on this tour, dressed in cloaks and known as Road-Eyes. The original concert featured two parts; one part was performed by Neil Young solo, with an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and an occasional organ. Later on Crazy Horse came out from behind the stage and the volume was cranked up to a deathly level. Although, this CD consists of 9 songs, therefore not giving you the full mixture, it still showcases Young’s awe-inspiring performance capabilities. At times during the performance you might even forget that it was recorded live.

     The albums key moments are “Hey Hey My My (Out of The Blue)” “Thrasher” “Pocahontas” “Powderfinger” and the distortion drenched “Hey Hey My My (Out of The Black).” All of these songs feature exceptional musicianship and songwriting, but it’s “Powderfinger” that clearly defines the album and makes every other song pale in comparison. A thrilling story, backed up by Crazy Horse’s spot on harmonies and some rather fitting guitar work by Neil Young.

     While some might look towards Weld as a better performance than Rust Never Sleeps due to many of the same songs appearing and even more, this is still a perfect selection. Neil seems to only get better with age, and as he starts to grow more stiff by the year and lose the fanatical energy he had in his youth, he is still able to churn out a lot of new material and is always relevant. This album title is serves as a guideline to Young’s very own life; Rust Never Sleeps.

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