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Underworld - Everything, Everything [Live]
Label: V2 Records
Release: 2000

Push Upstairs
Pearls Girl
Shudder/King of Snake
Born Slippy Nuxx
Everything, Everything [Live] - Underworld
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     When it comes to Techno, Underworld is the best. Live they are nothing less than amazing! And since most of us can't get to England any time soon to see them live, this is the best of the best that we can get in the United States. Underworld's Everything, Everything at the time of this recording was composed of three guys, Darren Emerson and Rich Smith doing the mixing, and Karl Hyde doing all the lyrics and guitar effects. Everything, Everything is a collection of Underworld's greatest hits as live music, including a lot of personal favorites, "Pearls Girl", "Jumbo", "King of Snake", and "Rez/Cowgirl". This CD includes "Born Slippy", which helped to make Underworld known to everyone even those of us who don't have an ear for techno. Although, the people that just enjoyed "Born Slippy", will find themselves bored with the CD, because it is live and lot of it is dance music. The CD has amazing energy, although "Juanita/Kiteless", just seems to for some reason lose this energy. If you enjoy Underworld, techno, or just want a great CD to dance to, this is a good one to get. This is nothing short of wonderful energetic music.


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