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Stone Temple Pilots - Core
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1992

Dead & Bloated
Sex Type Thing
Wicked Garden
No Memory
Naked Sunday
Piece of Pie
Wet my Bed
Where the River Goes
Core  - Stone Temple Pilots
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     This is one of the few albums that I have ever known that could be listened to beginning to end no interruptions no songs that have to be skipped because they aren't enjoyable or don’t fit the CD. This is a perfect album. "Sex type thing" is probably the highlight of the CD, this is one of those songs that just rocks, and also was released as a single. Some of the other highlights of this CD were also singles, "Creep", and "Plush". "Wicked Garden", "Wet my Bed", "Sin" as well as "Where the River Goes" are perfect songs that were never released as singles and are the reason that this is a perfect album. "No Memory" is the intro to "Sin" and is a very short song with no words, but a wonderful intro song to one of the best songs on the album. I whole heartedly believe that this is a must have and an album that will go well into any rock collection. Core is something you can just put on push play and enjoy from beginning to end, a true perfect album.


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Stone Temple Pilots were a band that was caught up in the “grunge” labeling of the early 90s, simply because they played guitars and used distortion. Although, I believe them to be more of one of the straight-up rock bands of the early 90s, They weren’t at all Alternative, but they gave us some great rocking songs on this, their debut release. It is an important album to own if you are into early 90s rock. Many people likened them to Pearl Jam back when they hit the airwaves, but I never really understood the comparison. Unfortunately since the release of this album, they have not rivaled it with another one that is even slightly worthy of even thinking about topping it. Core should be enjoyed as a fun, energetic, wonderful rock album that it is, and even though it is going on 13 years old, it still doesn’t sound dated, if songs like “Plush” and “Creep” were just now coming out, they would probably still become instant classics, as well as this album.

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